Online Warden Training


As concerns about the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia increase, we wanted to reach out with a brief update on how the team at Every Second Counts (ESC) are preparing to ensure the services we provide to you is 100% uninterrupted during this time. Every Second Counts is committed to the health and safety of its clients and staff. We have introduced an additional warden training option ensuring wardens are able to participate in training to confirm compliance with WA OSH act and Regulations, Australian Standards AS3745 and Vicarious liability.

If you or your tenants are concerned about attending planned face to face training, we have introduced online training which each participant can log in and complete the training session at their own pace immediately or within the 29 day period remotely. This includes the interactive assessment as conducted in the our face to face sessions and a full participation report will be provided.

We have set up a process to disseminate the warden online training information to all tenant wardens who have requested this process. We will address the needs of each building, tenant and warden, and adjust client needs as required. Safety is our priority.

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